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Should Edinburgh University worry about contributing to brain drain?

The phenomenon of skilled workers migrating from developing to developed countries is seen by many as a cause for concern, with developing countries footing the bill for training while developed … Continue reading

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What should the University do about conflict minerals?

The University is currently reviewing its policy on the use of minerals from conflict zones in its supply chains. Minerals such as tin, gold, and tungsten are extracted in conflict … Continue reading

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Does social responsibility mean limiting academic freedom?

What are the demands that a commitment to social responsibility implies for educational institutions, and how might these demands conflict with widely supported principles of academic freedom? Are there some … Continue reading

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Should Edinburgh University employ prisoners?

The University is committed to social responsibility but how does it demonstrate this commitment in the wider community? Should the University play a role in Scottish rehabilitation initiatives by incorporating … Continue reading

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Reducing inequality: Has the University eradicated sexism?

Higher education institutions have notoriously trailed behind other sectors in measures of gender equality, but the gap is thought to be improving. Has the University done enough? If not, how … Continue reading

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Should Edinburgh University divest from fossil fuels?

Divestment would send a powerful message from one of the world’s top universities and the UK’s third richest. But is it the University’s place, as a public institution, to send … Continue reading

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Prophets on investment: Exploring religious approaches to finance

2014 has seen the University of Edinburgh review its approach to socially responsible investment, and a global campaign movement calling for divestment from fossil fuels has gained much attention. In … Continue reading

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